Imagine a commute time that is only as long as it takes you to walk from your doorstep to work. Imagine being able to sit at an outdoor café over lunch and enjoying the vibrant summer Downtown activity, or having the time to walk home and take your dog for a mid-day walk down the B-Line. Imagine living just a walk away from any number of evening and weekend entertainment options.

You don’t have to imagine. This is all possible when you work and live Downtown—the city ranked in the “Top 10 Places to Live” by Men’s Journal Magazine, among the top 100 “Most Adventurous Cities” by National Geographic, among “America’s Lowest Stress Cities” by Psychology Today, and as the 8th best place to retire in the nation by Rand McNally.

Downtown Living: In the Heart of It All

Living Downtown Bloomington, Indiana

Whether you’re single, are living with roommates or a partner, or are raising a family; whether you’re looking for an apartment, a luxury condominium or a historic home with a front porch on a tree-lined street, Downtown Bloomington offers housing for every age, household makeup, and family lifestyle. And living Downtown means having easy access to amenities such as grocery stores, the Farmer’s Market, restaurants, indoor and outdoor health and fitness options, free entertainment, nightclubs, theaters, museums and a variety of places to worship. When you live Downtown, you experience the heart of it all.

Downtown Working: The Total Package

Working Downtown Bloomington, Indiana

Ranked No. 3 by Forbes Magazine in the “Best Places for Business Careers,” named an “Emerging Epicenter of High Tech Industry” by Wired magazine, and voted among the top 50 “Hottest Small Cities for Entrepreneurs” by Entrepreneur magazine, it’s no secret that Bloomington is a great place to work.

But working Downtown is about more than rankings. Working Downtown means that you, your customers and your business partners have easy access to all the richness the Downtown Bloomington culture has to offer— including a variety of local dining alternatives, after-hours networking venues, and entertainment options. When you work Downtown, it’s like having an extra benefit in your total compensation package.

Downtown Bloomington Indiana Courthouse

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