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Welcome New DBI Member Innovate Indiana

“A thriving downtown is key to IU’s continued ranking as one of the best places to work and study in the country.  This year we have been working closely with merchants and local government to implement innovative solutions to make sure that the Kirkwood area is safe and inviting for our students, staff and visitors,” said Kirk White, IU Assistant Vice President and coordinator of town-gown relations. “It’s a real pleasure to partner with DBI members on this project.”

The IU Office of Engagement works to ensure that IU is a primary driver of economic development in Indiana. In Bloomington, the office is responsible for coordinating community and local government relations and connecting the university’s intellectual and creative resources with strategic opportunities that foster the county’s economic growth.

The IU Visitor’s Center, located just steps from the Sample Gates, is considered the ‘Front Door’ to the Bloomington campus.  It is a one stop location that distributes a range of information about the campus including maps, event schedules, parking information, and brochures to both perspective students and others that visit the campus.  The center provides regular tours for visitors and is even open on Saturdays for tours. Check out their website so that you will know when to expect higher traffic from campus events interactive map!

Hire a Student! Did you know that IU can help your business connect with IU students for part-time or seasonal work? At the Career Development Center, they specialize in connecting local employers and nonprofit organizations with the best and brightest Hoosiers. They are always looking to build relationships with the Bloomington community and other surrounding areas. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, click this link to learn more.

As summer approaches, remember to visit the IU Outdoor Pool that is open to the public! The IU Outdoor Pool opens May 27th.


107 S. Indiana Ave.

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